Lake Anne Economic Visioning Study

lake anneA new effort is underway to create an economic vision for the Lake Anne Commercial Revitalization Area. Hunter Mill District Supervisor Alcorn has initiated a study to form a consensus around an economic vision for the Lake Anne Community Revitalization Area. Both the Supervisor and county staff have no preconceived ideas about specific outcomes, but hope that it is a vision that combines an understanding of the local market with the interests of the Lake Anne community. The goal is to develop a market appropriate, aspirational economic vision that builds on the historic and unique characteristics of the Lake Anne area. 

The consulting firm Streetsense has been selected to lead the visioning effort. The study, which is estimated to take approximately four to five months, will involve extensive community engagement with Lake Anne residents and business owners. For overall schedule with milestone dates, please review the project timeline. The final report, which is expected to be presented in early June, will identify a strategic position for the area within the competitive landscape and guide future developments. 


Project Timeline