Richmond Highway: District Design Guidelines

Volume ii Richmond Highway Urban Design Guidelines Cover

Volume II: District Design Guidelines: Richmond Highway

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Vision and Urban Design Framework
Chapter 3: Public Realm Features
Chapter 4: Building Design
Chapter 5: Richmond Highway Frontage
Chapter 6: CBC - Specific Guidelines
Chapter 7: Uses Requiring Special Considerations
Streetscape Material Brochure: Promenade Plank Paver


Community Outreach and Feedback


Community participation was an essential component in the development of the District Design Guidelines. Ideas for the character and appearance of the Richmond Highway corridors Community Business Centers were provided through an initial Community Workshop, December 2018, attended by nearly 70 people. Pop-Up Studios and an Online Survey followed in the Spring of 2019. These events showcased pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, building design ideas, and results of the Community Workshop.

The input from the Online Survey and Pop-Up STUDIOS were incorporated into Draft recommendations that were shared with Homeowner Associations, the Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation, Mount Vernon Council of Citizen’s Associations, and the Franconia District Land Use Committee. In addition to Outreach presented to these groups, feedback opportunities on the draft guidelines were collected through a public online form.

The community input from these events has helped to enhance and advance the Richmond Highway District Design Guidelines that were submitted to Board of Supervisors on March 20th. Reflecting the community desires collected from a variety of stakeholders through all these events the Guidelines will encourage a greater sense of community throughout the entire corridor.


Community Workshop

North Gateway CBC
Penn Daw CBC
Beacon Groveton CBC
Hybla Valley / Gum Springs CBC
Woodlawn CBC

Pop-Up STUDIOS and Online Survey

Pop-Up Results Summary
Pop-Up Images and Presentation Materials

Presentations of the Draft

Executive Summary
Outreach Presentation

Advisory Group

Select representatives from community groups and area professionals provided on-going guidance to the county from December 2018 - October 2019.

Finalized guidelines submitted to the BOS March 20th, 2020.