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Alex Howle, Program Manager

Eileen Garnett Civic Space

The Eileen Garnett Civic Space opened to the public on Saturday, October 21, 2023. Located at 7200 Columbia Pike in the heart of downtown Annandale, the new civic space is named in honor of Eileen Garnett, a longtime friend of Annandale and passionate voice for community revitalization who was also supportive of the park’s development.

Built on a former underutilized open space that was part of the old Annandale Elementary School, the Eileen Garnett Civic Space was thoughtfully designed to be a central gathering place for the Annandale community. It offers a civic plaza with seating, a vibrant demonstration garden, a great lawn with a compact and playful landscape, and a parking lot capable of hosting "pop-up" community activities and special events. This revitalized open space is fully accessible and aligns with Fairfax County’s long-term vision for the Annandale Community Business Center (CBC).

Special Events Calendar

A series of County-sponsored special events and celebrations will be held at the Eileen Garnett Civic Space throughout the 2024 calendar year. To learn more, click on an event listed below.

Civic Space Reservations


The Eileen Garnett Civic Space (Civic Space) is subject to site-specific reservation policies due to the unique circumstances of the County-owned property, including the planning and logistics required to host an event on the site.

The Civic Space is comprised of four areas (see diagram). The Educational Garden is licensed to Hands on Harvests, a non-profit gardening group, and is not reservable but may be visited. Community members may also volunteer to tend the garden through Hands on Harvests. The remaining three areas – the Great Lawn, the Plaza, and the Parking Lot Expansion Area – are reservable, but subject to slightly different restrictions.

Individuals, groups, community organizations, and businesses may reserve the Plaza. Please review the Plaza Reservation Policy to understand the restrictions for the Plaza and the proper process to apply for Plaza use. Submit a Park Use Application for the Plaza to FCPA Park Services. For general assistance or questions about the application, please reach out to FCPA Park Services. Applications are accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis. You must have an approved permit for exclusive use of the Plaza.

Only the County or FCPA may reserve the Civic Space for community events, either through a Full or Partial Civic Space reservation. Any County Department or Agency, or FCPA Division interested in hosting an event should submit a Park Use Application to FCPA Park Services. If you have any questions about how to fill out and submit the permit, please reach out to the FCPA Park Service Division for general assistance. Priority scheduling is feasible if the application for the upcoming year is submitted by November 1st of the preceding year (e.g., November 1, 2024, for the 2025 season). You must have an approved permit to host an event in the Civic Space.

If an individual, community organization or business is interested in event partnership at the Civic Space, please reach out to a specific County Department or Agency, or FCPA Division about the event idea. Review the County’s Departments and Agencies webpage for ideas on who to contact. Each County webpage has contact information listed.

Visit the FCPA Parks Locator tool to learn more about reserving the Eileen Garnett Civic Space.


For information about planned events in the Civic Space, contact Jenée Padmore at (703) 324-1202, TTY 711, or

For background information on the development of the Civic Space, please visit the Annandale Civic Space project website.