Lake Anne CRA

Studies and Documents

This studies and documents page for the Lake Anne Commercial Revitalization Area contains recent documents relevant to the district created or authorized by the Community Revitalization Section of the Department of Planning and Development (formerly the Office of Community Revitalization; OCR). Additional documents for the district are available from other county departments and can be found on the main Fairfax County website.

Wiehle Ave / Reston Pkwy. Station Access Management Plans

Economic Analysis and Initial Revitalization Concepts for LAVC 2005

Lake Anne Village Center Parking and Transportation Study Final Report 2008

2015 Lake Anne Village Center Charrette Report for Washington Plaza

2005 Lake Anne Charrette

2009 Lake Anne Village Charrette

Lake Anne Revitalization Study: Informational Meeting Nov. 16, 2004

Growth Trends to 2030: Cooperative Forecasting in the Washington Region

Lake Anne Village Center Revitaization: 2005 Focus Group Findings

Lake Anne Village Center Commercial Reinvestment Plan

Cresent Redevelopment Overview: Feb. 8, 2012

RFP 2000000125 Pre-Proposal Conference for the Cresent Apartments 2012

Cresent Apartments Property Redevelopment: Addendum No. 3 Apr. 17 2012

Cresent Apartments Property Redevelopment: Addendum No. 2 Mar. 9, 2012

Cresent Apartments Property Redevelopment: Addendum No. 1 Feb. 24, 2012

Cresent/Lake Anne Redevelopment Update: Dec. 11, 2015

Lake Anne Village Center: Recommendations for Draft Comprehensive Plan Text & Urban Design Guidelines 2007

Cresent Apartments: A Chronology 2016