Made in Fairfax: Small Scale Production Initiative

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Small ManufacturingTo expand economic activity and build vibrant community centers, the Fairfax County Office of Community Revitalization is exploring the potential of small scale production businesses to enhance the County’s commercial areas.

Technological changes and consumer market preferences for locally-made and “artisanal”/craft products – from textiles, hardware, woodworking, and metalworking to breweries and local food production – have enabled small producers to competitively operate in traditionally non-industrial areas, such as retail and commercial centers.

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To share the report from a six-month study on small-scale production in Fairfax County, a “Made In Fairfax Forum” was held on March 28 2019, to present implementation strategies for networking, branding, and business and real estate development that can support this innovative blend of economic and community development.  View the full report, interviews with speakers and read about recent zoning changes to allow small-scale production in commercial zoning districts across the County below.

Small Scale Production Initiative Report

Related information on Zoning Changes

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