Development Activity Web Map

Welcome to the Commercial Revitalization Development Activity Web Map.  With this interactive map the Commercial Revitalization Section of the Department of Planning and Development seeks to provide a concise overview of the development activity within the CRD's and CRA's for the current and past 5 calendar years.  A variety of tools are provided to help explore the map and data.  For overview of all development activity since 2010 please view the Historic Development Activity.

Icon Name Use   Icon Name Use
Home Icon Home Return to Initial Extent   Expand Map to Full Page Expand Expand Map to Full Screen
Bookmark Icon Bookmarks Click Place Icon Next to Name to Navigate to Districts and Areas   Draw Icon Draw Tool Draw Points, Lines, and Shapes to Find: Locations, Distance, and Area
Zoom In & Out Zoom Double Click on Map, Mouse Scroll Wheel or this Icon to Zoom In & Out   Previous Extent Previous Extent Move Forward or Backward to Previous Map Extents
Summary Icon Summary Total Projects & Acres Within Extent   Legend Icon Legend Symbology of Displayed Layers
Base Map Icon Base Maps Choose Base Maps For Display   Layers Icon Layers Turn On & Off Available Layers
Info Icon Information General Info About The App   Print Icon Print Creates a Printable PDF of the Map
Select Arrow Icon Click on Map Features for Pop-Up Dialog   Pan Map Hold Down Left Mouse Button to Pan Map