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Completed Studies

Comprehensive Plan

On July 13, 2010, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved the Annandale Community Business Center Comprehensive Plan Amendment (ST10-CW-2CP). The Plan Amendment covers approximately 200 acres, including all of the Commercial Revitalization District (CRD) and uses a new form-based approach that provides flexibility by using building form and height to guide development instead of the more traditional measure of floor area ratios (FAR). The land use guidance recommends a proactive and comprehensive transformation of the existing, suburban form into a walkable, urban, and active mixed-use center. Innovative urban design, streetscape, place making, and context-sensitive techniques are also included to enhance street presence, integrate a diversity of land uses, and create distinct built form that distinguishes Annandale as a unique place. The built form will include a network of usable and public urban plazas and parks at a variety of scales and functions, and will integrate planned transit services and facilities. These design and transportation elements will contribute to and establish a cohesive and unique identity, and support revitalization efforts in Annandale.

Click here to access the full Comprehensive Plan.

Zoning Information

Annandale specific zoning information is located in Appendix 7.

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